Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

With more than 2,500 successful references in Jordan and  Palestine of air conditioning systems and hundreds of thousands of sold split units in the houses of the Jordanians, UPB sets itself on the top of the air-conditioning system suppliers in Jordan by partnering with the top brands in the world, like Hitachi , Samsung. An air-conditioning system is an essential accessory to the modern household. United Pioneering Business offers the highest quality air-conditioning systems with different sizes and features to satisfy every customers’ need in the market.


UPB, through many years of expertise, innovation, excellent customer service and diverse products is expanding its business to reach more and more customers. We have dedicated all our efforts for the past years into serving the market efficiently.


UPB is without doubt one of the main market leaders in the air-conditioning sector. In addition to being market leaders, we are well known for our quality, as well as, our environmentally friendly products. We abide by the strictest standards when it comes to the environment’s well-being.


United Pioneering Business is always searching for the best quality to meet its customers and stakeholders’ highest expectations.