Air and Water Solutions

Air and Water Solutions

The two main elements of our planet; air and water. They make life on our blue planet exist and that is why finding a sustainable solution for air and water is part of our core business here in UPB. We only work with the top brands which are Grundfos, Ingersoll Rand, Stuart Turner and ARO.


UPB is a market leader in air and water solutions. We are perceived by our customers and competitors as the leading players in the pump industry and compressed air. In addition, we offer products that match what our customers want, no matter how difficult the solution is.


The main concern of the air and water solutions is to satisfy every customer’s needs and offer installment and repair services. The highest standards of quality, value, service, and energy efficiency are available with the most convenient prices. Our highly trained professionals are certified technicians, with years of experience in the installation and service processes. Our main goal is to achieve the optimal level of customer satisfaction across Jordan and the region, and to let air and water solutions spread all over.


UPB believes in energy saving by using new forms of energy and sustainable production. That is why UPB will continue to promote and spread sustainability.


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