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Krom Schroeder

Krom Schroeder is a German world leader manufacturer of top products and systems for measurement and control of gases, for automation of industrial furnaces and for the control of underfloor heating systems. Krom Schroeder Underfloor Heating Specifications:
-For weather-dependent boiler, mixer circuit and hot water control.
-Simple single dial operation.
-Up to four timer programs.
-Automatic configuration of operating modes.
-One outdoor sensor for up to six controllers.
-Connection of up to two remote controls.
-Dedicated electrical connections.
-PC connection using an optical interface for adjustment and monitoring.
-Integrated test functions.
Objective is to manufacture the highest quality products for our customer, using state-of-the-art technology. Optimizing the productivity and quality of service and equipment is and ongoing challenge we accept and welcome.

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