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MASTAS Radiators


Mastas steel panel radiators are produced from high quality (1. 2-1. 25)mm steel rolls conforming (TSE) standards and EN 442-2.
Mastas steel panel radiators are 10 years guaranteed.
Mastas panel radiators panel surfaces, water ducts and convectors are designed in order to secure the most extensive heating surface.
Superior efficiency is achieved by the convectors attached to water ducts and most efficient air circulation is a consequence of the special design of the upper and the side covers.
The environment is heated in a short Time due to high heating power and efficiency.Besides high comfort they provide economical fuel consumption.

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Toprak Radiators

Toprak is one of the leading Turkish manufacturers of cast iron radiators in accordance with Turkish (TSE), German (DIN) and French standards (NF) and conforming EN- 442-2, NFP 52.012 (France).
- Manufactured with superior quality consideration.
- Long lasting.
- High thermal efficiency.
- Ensure maintaining of temperature for longer periods.
- Resistant to corrosion
- Leak – Proof through intermediate joints.
- Specially designed edges, corners and resistant to impacts Toprak Conforms NF137.
The high-quality radiators of Toprak are the stylish way to keep your home cozy and warm. Heat your home with style.

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